Mine & Industrial Ambulances

All EVC mine and industrial site specific ambulances are built to the highest standards. Crew and patient safety are of utmost importance. All surfaces are easily washable for optimum infection control. All components used and manufactured are of the highest quality available.

Ambulance layouts can include the following options:

  • selfloading stretcher,
  • dual stretcher,
  • squadbench,
  • equipment cabinets,
  • Safe attendant seating,
  • hand wash basins,
  • power inverters,
  • built-in suction units and
  • airconditioners.
  • Second batteries
  • Buggy whip flags
  • Reverse buzzers
  • Roll over protection
  • Amber Flashing Beacons
  • Three point harnesses
  • Cut off switches
  • Bull Bars
  • Stepping Bars
  • Back and Head rests
  • Scene Lighting
  • Chock blocks

Only the latest LED technology emergency warning devices are used on the Emergency Vehicle Conversion ambulances. Siren systems are wired through the vehicle’s hooter for easy operation and control by the driver.

Ambulance equipment is available should you require a fully equipped ambulance.

Reflective ambulance signage can be designed and applied to your ambulance.