Response & Rescue Vehicles

Speed and safety are paramount to any rapid response vehicle, and to this end, EVC offers a wide range of emergency vehicle conversions and warning device options. Latest generation LED emergency lighting, together with strobes and siren systems, ensures that your response vehicle will be seen and heard. Emergency warning systems are designed and fitted to suit your environment, vehicle, and budget.

Custom-Built Scene Safety and Incident Command Units:

  • Mass casualty equipment
  • Major incident lighting
  • Command and light rescue equipment

Having the right tools and equipment is essential for handling major incidents, ensuring the safety of rescuers and patients alike. EVC emergency vehicles are ideally suited for these situations.

Key Features of Modern Rescue Vehicles

Modern rescue vehicles are crucial in emergency response, equipped with advanced technology and specialised features to enhance efficiency and safety. Key features include:

  • Hydraulic rescue tools for extrication
  • Advanced life support (ALS) systems
  • Organised compartments for essential equipment like defibrillators and medical supplies
  • State-of-the-art communication systems for seamless coordination
  • LED strobes for visibility in confined spaces or rough terrain

Customising Emergency Response Vehicles for Emergency Situations

Customization is crucial to meet the specific needs of EMS, fire trucks, and police cars. Emergency vehicle conversions involve modifying standard vehicles into specialized units like SWAT, hazmat, or water rescue vehicles. Each conversion includes:

  • Specialised equipment such as firefighting apparatus and life support medical equipment for ambulances
  • Rapid deployment tools for search and rescue missions
  • Compartmentalised storage for medical supplies
  • Integrated systems for managing emergencies
  • Specialised compartments for handling hazardous materials
  • Advanced technological tools like defibrillators and comprehensive life support systems

These customisations ensure effective service delivery across various emergency scenarios, including natural disasters and severe traffic incidents, underpinning the effectiveness of emergency vehicle conversions in managing crises and saving lives.

Ensure your emergency response fleet is equipped for any situation. Contact us today to discuss your specialised vehicle conversion needs.