Small Type Ambulance

A variety of conversion options are available including basic, intermediate, and advanced life support ambulances. Many factors can inform which ambulance model and type is right for you, from your budget and the type of service you’re providing (ALS, BLS, transport), to the road conditions you will encounter.

Each ambulance design is based on the client’s specific needs and environment. Different stretcher options and layouts are available. There are four different types of ambulances and each one has different benefits when converting them into RVs. Each ambulance type has different benefits and drawbacks when converting it into an RV.

Benefits of small van-type ambulances include maneuverability, speed, height clearance, operating costs, and standard “car” driver’s license.

This category includes VW T5 Transporter, Toyota Quantum, Ford Transit, Hyundai H1, and Mercedes Vito.

These ambulances are ideally suited for a high-density urban environment with high traffic volumes.

Four-wheel drive base vehicles are available in this category for conversion to an ambulance.